Carroll Hospice
Financial Assistance

Financial Coverage

Carroll Hospice is a non-profit organization that provides hospice care and services to all individuals in need. Regardless of insurance coverage or financial situation, no one is refused or denied hospice care and every patient receives the same level of high-quality service.

Initially, Carroll Hospice assists families in determining whether or not the patient is eligible for any medical or insurance coverage. Hospice coverage is widely available and is covered by most private insurance plans, Medicare, Medicaid and VA.

If a person in need does not have any financial coverage, Carroll Hospice will work with each family on a case by case basis. In addition, Carroll Hospice will handle all of the billing of services and supplies as they relate to the terminal diagnosis.

Medicare Hospice Benefit

The Medicare/Medicaid Hospice benefit provides supplies and medications needed to manage a terminal illness. This benefit is primarily a comprehensive hospice care program that provides medical and support services for the management of a life-limiting illness, including symptom and pain management, but does not provide for curative treatment.

When a patient elects hospice care under Medicare coverage, he or she switches from standard Medicare coverage to the Medicare Hospice Benefit. A patient with an incurable illness is not allowed to be covered by both plans at the same time. However, a patient may revoke the hospice benefit at any time and return to standard Medicare. The Medicare Hospice Benefit is divided into two 90 day periods of coverage followed by an unlimited number of 60 day periods.

If you would like more information on hospice costs, availability, and coverage, please contact us at 410-871-8000, or visit the Medicare website directly.