Carroll Hospice
Introducing Specialized Hospice Care Teams

Carroll Hospice has introduced specialized teams in order to continue the seamless care provided to hospice patients and their families.

Three teams have been created: one to care for patients who reside in private residences, one to care for patients who live in nursing facilities or assisted living communities, and one to care for patients who require a short-term stay at Dove House, Carroll Hospice’s inpatient facility.

With this team approach, a nurse, aide, volunteer, social worker and chaplain will be assigned to a particular nursing facility or assisted living community to build relationships between the facility staff and team.

"When the team walks through the door, the facility will know that hospice is in the building,” says Reggie Bodnar, Carroll Hospice’s executive director. “We respect how they operate, and we have processes that complement what they do in so many ways.”

One of the main reasons for this team approach is due to the difference in processes for patients who live in a facility compared to patients who live in a private residence, says Bodnar.

When a social worker is caring for a person in a private home, for example, one priority is to create a caregiving plan with the family for when the patient becomes more dependent for their personal needs. But that is not necessary when the individual is already being cared for safely in a facility. So instead, the social worker may meet with the family during evening hours or on a weekend, perhaps outside the facility setting, to support them through the challenges of experiencing a loss little by little—a common picture in patients with advanced age. The social worker might also offer educational sessions for our facility partners on this very same topic.

All patients receive the same compassionate quality care, regardless of where they live, says Bodnar, and patients and families will benefit from these dedicated teams focused on specialized and individualized care.

For more information, please call Carroll Hospice at 410-871-8000.